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    Hey everyone!

    It's time for another weekly update, wooh! :D This week we got some decent progress done on our RP map, which you can see further down on the page!

    Next to that, our new Pet System is in the Beta Stages and can now be used on our server via /pet or /cosmetics. Pets can be purchased at our store currently, and there's even a 25% Sale on all Pets currently!

    Roleplay Progress
    For the 4.0 RP map, we got some good progress done this week! I actually ended up doing two stream in total, and both of them can be viewed here:

    In these two streams I am basically just working on various area of the RP Map, mostly apartments and shops. The second stream has a lot of information regarding what my plans are about Prestiges, Points-making, Travel System (vacation islands) and future content.

    Anyhow, here's a few screenshot of this week progress of the new RP Map:

    These two pictures show our first finished apartment complex! Each apartment has 3 floors to them and a cozy little backyard! :D


    These two screenshots show the "finished" subway station that we have! This is where you will go to take the train to various vacation islands in the future.

    This last screenshot is the start of our new shopping area! Instead of having a single huge mall for all your shopping needs, we're doing small shops around spawn where you can browse various goods that you can buy. Some of these will even have rentable apartments on top.

    RP Server Changes
    Some Disguises have been disabled due to heavy bug abusing. People caught abusing Disguises further will be punished accordingly.

    Next to that, we have fixed a issue with Disguises automatically moving your character around.

    Staff Updates

    This week there are no Staff Updates.

    Either way guys, this is all for this weeks update! I hope you will all check back in on our Livestream next Friday/Saturday/Sunday where I will host another Q&A and show more of the new RP Server! Hopefully I will get some progress done throughout the week so that I have more things to show!

    The ForeverPlay Team